Building Process

At Covenant Custom Homes, our primary goal is to make the process of building your new home not only enjoyable but also easy to understand. In this section, you will find a step by step guide to each step of the building process and approximately how long you can expect those steps to take. Please keep in mind that every project is unique and therefore the time estimate can vary based on the size of home as well as other factors.

In the end, Covenant Custom Homes seeks to all but eliminate the number of "surprises" in building a home and we take seriously our job of managing every step of the building process. We are also aware that our ability to ensure a successful and stress-free home building experience for our customers is directly related to the amount of customer referrals and repeat business we experience. That is the lifeblood of our business and we work tirelessly to earn it.

Planning Stage

(30-180 days) 

Lot selection, architectural planning, engineering, developer’s approval, permitting, scheduling

Site Work

(5-7 days) 

Lot staked, trees and brush removed, excavation, haul off of excess dirt if necessary


(14-17 days) 

Footings poured, foundation walls poured, waterproofing of foundation, foundation backfilled, rough plumbing installed (below basement floor), basement floor and garage floors poured, sump pit installed


(30-35 days) 

Rough framing of exterior shell, interior walls framed, exterior trim and windows installed, exterior siding and/or masonry walls installed, framing inspection completed, roof shingles applied


(14-17 days) 

Foam caulking and sealing exterior penetrations, insulation installed in walls and vaults, vents covered, sound insulation installed if required, sheetrock hung and finished, ceilings textured if needed, floors scraped and home scrapped out, walls and ceilings primed and inspected


(30-35 days) 

Cabinets installed, trim constructed, hardwood floors laid, tile and stone installed, paint interior and exterior, hardwood floors sanded and first coat completed, pre-carpet cleaning completed

Final Finish

(30 days) 

Plumbing fixtures installed, electric finished and lighting fixtures hung, HVAC system completed, audio system completed, hardwood floors second and third coats completed, wall covering and appliances installed, door and cabinet hardware installed, carpeting completed, windows scraped and cleaned, entire home cleaned, paint touch-up


(20 days) 

Yard final graded, irrigation system installed if purchased, landscaping installed, final inspections and repairs made, home orientation scheduled, closing, MOVE IN!

90 Day Customer Service

(90 days after closing) 

Minor repairs as needed, change and/or clean furnace filters

360 Day Customer Service

(1 year after closing) 

Minor repairs as needed, change and/or clean furnace filters. Tell your friends how much you love your new home!

10 Years Later...