January 17, 2014

I like sharing tools that help you do a better job of participating in the process of designing your home or remodeling project.

This online tool is a huge help in getting your project headed in the right direction, and in finding ways to more clearly communicate your ideas and visions to your design professional.

Back in the dark ages of about five years ago, our clients did that by purchasing home design and decorating magazines and tearing out photos to show us. Which meant if we wanted to each have copies, we’d have to scan and print, scan and print, scan and print…

So how cool would it be if you could share hundreds of images with your Architect online? What if you could select those images from tens of thousands of very high quality projects? What if your Architect could view them online and add other images?

That’s what Houzz.com lets you do – and why we’re enthusiastically recommending it to our clients.

The genius of Houzz.com is how it lets you create “ideabooks” to organize your images by room or any other way you choose.

How about finding the right images? Houzz lets you browse by style, type of space, product, metro region, and type of design professional – so you don’t waste time scrolling through images that don’t make sense for your project.

And these aren’t just any old photos either; they’re mostly submitted by architects and interior designers showcasing their best work (yep, we’re on there, too!).

But wait – there’s more! Houzz lets you add comments to the images in your ideabooks – so you can tell your design professional very clearly what you find appealing about the photo.

And – you can ask questions about the photos and have them answered by other Houzz users. So if you see a cool lighting fixture for example, you can ask who makes it and who sells it.

Cool, huh?

Go to Houzz.com right now and start creating your own ideabooks to share with your Architect or Interior Designer – after all, why should we have all the fun?




Re-posted with permission from Sense of Place

Author Richard Taylor AIA