Purchasing Power

Covenant Custom Homes is a founding member of the Affiliated Builders Group (ABG) the largest builders buying cooperative in the county. ABG operates in five major markets throughout the county and includes one hundred and twenty-six builders. There are just seventeen builder members in the Kansas City Metro area and we are pleased to be one of them. Being an ABG member means we get to pool our purchasing power and obtain favorable pricing on just about every product we buy.

We are also able to compare notes on a host of home building issues that keep us ahead of the curve. The benefits to Covenant Custom Homes are dramatic. We enjoy the same type of competitiveness that a national home builder would enjoy. That means we can, provide superior value in every home we build.

There is just no way a small builder can compete with a buying group that is spending more than $100 million a year just in the Kansas City market.  Having a significant competitive advantage gives Covenant Custom Homes a distinct leg up on most builder in our market.