December 4, 2016

An example of lighting for a transitional design theme.

An example of lighting for a transitional design theme.

Recently, a client wondered aloud if there was any definitive trend in lighting fixtures. These days it seems that there are at least five distinctive materials/colors to choose from. A trip to the local lighting center (we rely on Wilson Lighting and Rensen House) may cause a bit of confusion as you will notice beautiful chandeliers and wall fixtures in dark bronze shades, chrome, brushed nickel, stained wood and “antique gold”. At first thought you might think that the bronze and ORB (oiled rubbed bronze) must be on the way out because they have been such a dominant fashion statement for about 15 years. The truth, however the ORB coloration in light fixtures is still very much in style.

A discussion with our very own Covenant Custom Homes Design team has exposed some lighting design insights that are worth considering for your new home or renewal project.

  1. Modern & Contemporary designed homes tend to use chrome fixtures and to a lesser degree brushed nickel or stainless fixtures. Black metallic’s and of course crystal “spray” designs make an obvious choice in the more edgy designs.
  2. Transitional designs lend themselves to a mix of lighting looks but should have a basic theme of either ORB, wood or black metallic. No one, however should be a slave to one coloration. A better direction is to pick different colors and materials and mix them throughout the house.
  3. Traditional designs call for more timeless looks and that still seems to be ORB, pewters, stained wood and the new “antique gold.” Again mixing is recommended for maximum creativity and impact. Naturally, crystal and antique glass chandeliers are almost always good design choice in Traditional homes.
  4. Modern farmhouse and the shabby chic designed homes require an adherence to tradition but always with a more casual bent. Here, wood fixtures in lighter stains and black metallic’s are the style leaders.

So, whatever your design direction, please keep in mind that lighting fixtures are a critical part of establishing a particular design vernacular for your project. This too goes for those outdoor wall sconces on both the front and back of your home. It should go without saying that our design team is always available to consult with our clients and prospective clients at Covenant Custom Homes.